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Family Meals Foster Healthy Habits and So Much More

Our busy schedules often make it difficult to sit down to a family meal. But family meals do more than just bring the family together to break bread, they offer a chance for parents to open the lines of communication and model healthy eating.

Research has shown that kids who participate in family meals have higher nutrient intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, have a decreased risk of obesity, experience less disordered eating habits, achieve stronger grades, exhibit more self confidence and practice better table manners.

All these benefits make family meals worth the work and these tips will help make it easier:

  • Schedule the meals in advance and log them on the family calendar
    plan a weekly menu
  • Keep the meals simple
  • Don’t be afraid to make breakfast your family meal
  • Get everyone involved.

Who you eat with is just as important as what you eat when it comes to a healthy and happy relationship with food.

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