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Eggs Are Ok for Your Heart

Everyone knows that eggs are a great source of high quality protein, but they are also a great source of many other vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your body functioning. Guess where the majority of these nutrients are found? The yolk contains the essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D and K, calcium, iron and folate found in the egg.

And, let’s not forget choline, a B-complex vitamin, which is associated with enhanced neurological function, reduced inflammation and happiness. It also contains the cholesterol found in the egg, but research has shown that it is not the cholesterol in a food that has the biggest effect on our cholesterol levels, but the overall fat content.

It is perfectly acceptable for healthy Americans to eat a whole egg a day. One tip is to add two egg whites to each whole egg when scrambling to increase the volume and give you an added boost of protein.

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